Risk Management involves many steps
April 20, 2017

Crisis Planning: Lessons from former Boston Police Commissioner

I recently sat down with former Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis to discuss today’s security challenges and his thoughts on mitigating them. No stranger to complex security matters, having guided the City of Boston through the Marathon bombing and dozens of other events, Davis emphasized that preparedness is key to keeping an organization’s people and

A timeline of United Airlines impact on stock prices
April 12, 2017

United Airlines Crisis: “We’re sorry” doesn’t help if you don’t care about your customers

United Airlines’ harsh treatment of a passenger on April 9th provided 34 seconds of intense video footage that few will forget. To recap: passengers boarded United’s last flight of the day from Chicago to Louisville on Sunday when staff declared the plane was “over-booked.” Nobody volunteered to give up their seat, so four passengers were

April 12, 2017

United Airlines PR Nightmare: The Lesson for Every CEO

“If every CEO in America isn’t sitting up and thinking what will I do on the very worst day when one of my employees is caught on video behaving badly. They have made a colossal mistake,” Denterlein President Diana Pisciotta told NECN Business last night. The United Airlines crisis communication gaff this month caused major public