Definition of off the record
March 7, 2017

Off the Record: What does it mean?

Just as “is this off?” are the three most dangerous words in electrical work, and “some assembly required” are the three most dangerous words in birthday presents, off the record are the three most dangerous words in media relations. The reason? In 2017, it’s exceedingly rare that a reporter and an interview subject will mutually

March 1, 2017

Open Records + Free Press = Government Accountability

While Donald Trump and the media battle it out in Washington, remember that the fight for open records, a free press and government accountability is waged every day on much smaller stages. Last week, the New England First Amendment Coalition honored Margaret Sullivan of The Washington Post with the Stephen Hamblett First Amendment Award. Well deserved. That’s the big

Why crisis planning matters
February 27, 2017

Crisis Communications & The Oscars: What Went Wrong

And the Oscar goes to… the wrong movie!  As bad as the guys at La La Land feel today, the folks at PWC undoubtedly feel ten times worse. Yup, this is why crisis planning matters.  As we say to our clients all the time – mistakes happen.  Even in today’s world where those errors (large,