Reputation Management and Crisis Communications Support

Denterlein advises C-suite executives preparing for or responding to adverse events. Focused on protecting an organization’s reputation, Denterlein helps executives balance transparency and accountability. Deeply familiar with even the most complex of circumstances, we formulate strategies that balance the needs of diverse stakeholders, shifting the public narrative to re-establish trust.

Denterlein also provides high-level counsel to companies and organizations under federal investigation by the FBI, DEA, SEC, FTC, EPA, OSHA , among others; as well as those state and local inquiries by the Attorney General, Secretary of State, DPH, and DMH, and more. We work in close collaboration with the legal team to advise leadership on the reputational risks before, during and after the government comes knocking. Additional experience includes:

  • Cyber-security or data breach
  • Litigation
  • Lay-offs
  • Leadership changes
  • Regulatory issues
  • Labor relations
  • HR-related issues
  • Medical errors
  • Workplace violence

Crisis communications response

Denterlein provides clients with 24/7 counsel and support, including social media monitoring. With speed of the essence in most crisis situations, we have the capacity to quickly understand and communicate complex issues in highly targeted and understandable ways.

Crisis communications planning and training

Planning ahead for a crisis event ensures that an organization’s credibility and competitive advantage remain unscathed in even the most challenging situations. Through Denterlein’s process of discovery, strategic direction and training, we can provide your team with a crisis playbook, as well as the training necessary to execute responses that compliment and support your business objectives.

Crisis communications and legal strategy

We work with attorneys to build a public case for their client or protect a company’s reputation in the event of a crisis. We regularly work under attorney-client privilege, complementing the legal approach and messages that preserve credibility in the court of public opinion, without jeopardizing key legal rights.

Crisis Communications Experts

Our team, led by President Diana Pisciotta and Vice President Jill Reilly has been advising corporate and nonprofit leaders for 20 years, drawing on best practices from hundreds of crisis events.